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Stories about miscarriage

Mel’s story

Mel was diagnosed with suspected PTSD after a missed miscarriage. She writes about what happened and how she got through the darkest times.

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Angela’s story

Angela writes about how her mental health deteriorated after her second and third miscarriages.

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Jess’ story

Jess thought she was OK after her miscarriage – but she fell into a deep depression when her sister announced she was pregnant.

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Hayley’s story

Hayley experienced anxiety, depression and panic attacks after losing her daughter Luna at 19 weeks.

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The Cross One

Lizz wrote a poem while waiting for a second scan to confirm a miscarriage.

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Uzma’s story

Uzma shares her feelings of grief and thoughts of the future after her second miscarriage in an eight month period.

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Precious’ story

Precious writes about her miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, and shares her advice on how to comfort someone after pregnancy loss.

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Forty-three grams

Too early to name you were too unfinished

in the womb for anyone to love but me.

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Hush-a-bye Baby

Lynda’s story of the loss of her baby was broadcast as part of Radio Ulster’s ‘My Story’ series on the BBC.

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