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Miles That Matter 21

Introducing our July campaign: Miles That Matter 21!

Experts estimate that each year around 250,000 pregnancies end in miscarriage in the UK. That means that around 21,000 pregnancies will be lost in July alone.

We are spending the month of July reflecting on this figure by raising awareness of the issues surrounding pregnancy loss, signposting people to the services we offer and raising funds to ensure that we can continue to be there for those that need us most.

We’d like you to set your own challenge based on this estimated statistic: perhaps you’d like to run 21 miles, cycle 210 miles, walk 21,000 steps during the month, take on a 21 mile hike, a 2.1 mile family ramble, swim 21 lengths, or even design a 21 item obstacle course in your garden.

You could set up your own team event, for example, a socially distanced sponsored walk for 21 friends and family, if the regulations in your area permit this, or if you aren’t able to take on an activity challenge you could get some mileage out of organising a Zoom pub quiz with 21 questions, or baking 21 cakes to sell to friends and family.

To participate, please visit our Team page here: Miles That Matter 21 VMG campaign page  and click on the “Start Fundraising” button at the top of the page.

If you use Strava to record your activity, you can find a team page for this challenge here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/942784.

You’re welcome to set up your page and share it with your family and friends in advance, but please don’t start your actual choice of activity until the beginning of July, it can really help to inspire and motivate you to know that you’re part of a wider team all working together to achieve a common goal, and we hope that you will feel part of our collective effort during July.

Whatever you decide, please link your event to the overall team event here, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MilesThatMatter21 in your social media posts so we can cheer you on from afar!

Thank you for your support, and good luck with your challenge!

Fundraising Resources

Thank you so much for joining our Miles That Matter 21 campaign.  To help support you in your fundraising journey we have created these home printable resources and information sheets for you to use. If you would like any of these resources posting out to you pre-printed, please just let us know by emailing karn@miscarriageassociation.org.uk  […]