Fundraising Resources

Thank you so much for offering to fundraise on behalf of the Miscarriage Association.  To help support you in your fundraising journey we have created these downloads, home printable resources and information sheets for you to use.

If you would like any of these resources posting out to you pre-printed, please just let us know by emailing  and we can arrange that for you, otherwise, please just preview these resources and print whatever you need!

Miles that Matter Resources

If you’d like to add a frame to your profile picture on Twitter and/or Facebook you can use this link:

Miles That Matter Sponsor Form

Miles that Matter Mileage log

Miles that Matter printable race number

Miles that Matter Blank Poster

Miles that Matter Printable Bunting

Maximising the impact of your online giving page

Is it legal? Guidance for fundraisers

If you’d like to add a header to your social media page it can be copied from here – just right click and copy the image you need.




Other Resources

Blank Posters for you to add details of your own event

Awareness Posters