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Stories about pregnancy after miscarriage

Ellie’s story: pregnancy after miscarriage

Ellie shares her experience of deciding to try again and being pregnant after a miscarriage, and finding support.

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Diana’s story: chemical pregnancy and a missed miscarriage

Diana reflects on the impact of having a chemical pregnancy followed closely by a missed miscarriage. She also talks about being pregnant again after her losses.

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Jaqueline’s story

Jaqueline chats with Clare about her family and friends’ approach to her loss and subsequent pregnancy.

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Fiona’s story

After three losses, Fiona was very anxious throughout her pregnancy with her daughter.

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Emma’s story

Emma chats with Clare about her experience of pregnancy after loss and coping with scans.

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Erin and Laura’s stories

Erin, Laura and Clare discuss their experiences of coping with early pregnancy after loss.

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