Second trimester loss – late miscarriage

16th March 2021

The experience of second trimester loss, miscarriage after 13 weeks of pregnancy, can come as a huge shock.

The care, information and support that women and their partners receive during this time is crucial in helping them through these most difficult of times – and we want to help to make that better.

So today, we are launching a survey, asking people who have been through second trimester loss, often called a late miscarriage, to share their experiences and thoughts with us.

If you or your partner have experienced a second trimester loss (between 13 weeks and 23 weeks + 6 days of pregnancy), we’d be very grateful if you would complete our questionnaire if you feel able to do so.  Your response will help us to improve our current resources for people experiencing second trimester loss and to make recommendations for improvements in clinical and bereavement care.

If you are seeking help and support now, please do contact our helpline team.  You can also find information on second trimester loss here and we write more about the emotional aspects here.


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