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Sharing stories of pregnancy loss

29th January 2019

Everyone’s experience of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy is unique to them.  But sometimes reading someone else’s story can strike a chord and help you feel less alone.

Here are just five of the stories shared on our website.


Amy started to miscarry the night before her 12 week scan. She writes about the physical and emotional experience of loss, and about her feelings as she approached what would have been her due date.


Helina had two ectopic pregnancies, six months apart, losing both her babies and her tubes.  She reflects on her experience and her future here.

I was grieving, not just for the loss of my babies, but the loss of the future I had envisaged with them.

Nicola has found it helpful to be open with people about her experience of recurrent miscarriage, sharing her story not only here but in her blog, Trimesters and Tribulations.


Rebecca describes her experience of miscarrying 18 weeks into her second pregnancy, and the anxiety she felt throughout her subsequent pregnancy.

You are basically just waiting for the next scan, but in the back of your mind you know that until the baby is here you will never feel at peace.

Stuart shares his experience of miscarriage of an IVF pregnancy and the importance of talking with his wife, being open and honest about their feelings.


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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon talks about miscarriage

13th August 2019

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shared her thoughts on miscarriage yesterday on ITV’s ‘Loose Women‘*, saying that she would support the introduction of bereavement leave after miscarriage.  The First Minister, who has talked previously about her experience of miscarriage, talked also about the need to remove the stigma associated with miscarriage, about childlessness and about […]

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