Screenshot of the Days That Matter website.

If you or someone you care about has lost a baby during pregnancy, there may be certain days that you’ll never forget – whether that’s the day of the miscarriage, the due date, or a particular day that you’ve set aside to remember the loss.

Our Days That Matter website is a place to record and remember those dates, and to share ideas about how to mark the brief lives of babies who died before they were born.

On the website, you will find stories from people who’ve remembered their babies through creating artworks, buying a piece of memorial jewellery, undertaking a fundraising challenge, and helping us raise awareness of the lasting impact of pregnancy loss. There is also an online calendar which will highlight the dates every year – just as they are remembered every year by those who have experienced a loss.

Adding your story

We welcome stories, videos and photos from anyone who has been affected by miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy.

Please email your story, the date that matters to you and a picture if possible to with the subject line ‘Days That Matter’. Alternatively, you can submit your story via the form on the Days That Matter website.

We aim to publish stories within five working days and will email you to let you know when your story has been added.