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Support groups

We have a UK-wide network of support volunteers who have been through pregnancy loss themselves and who run miscarriage and pregnancy loss support group meetings, some face to face and some online.

All our groups offer an opportunity to meet with others who have experienced pregnancy loss, to share thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  It can make such a difference to be with people who have been through something similar.

Support groups meeting face to face


A face to face group is featured in this short film: https://vimeo.com/189928420

The thought of going to a support group can be daunting – but for many, like Sara, it is a very positive experience.

I was quite nervous of going and I was worried I might break down in front of a group of strangers. As it happened I found the session extremely helpful and I am really looking forward to going again.

For anyone who’s anxious about going to a group, give it a try. You will be in a supportive environment, often a small group and you don’t have to share unless you’re ready to. Sometimes you realise more about your own feelings by listening to others.


Support groups meeting via Zoom

We have a number of pregnancy loss support groups, including a new Pregnant After Loss group, meeting via Zoom. Like our in-person support groups, anyone affected by pregnancy loss, including partners, is welcome to attend these online meetings.  You can choose whether to have your camera on or not, and whether to talk or not – whatever feels most comfortable.

Support volunteer, Brigitte, says:

If you’ve found it hard getting to a support group now’s your chance to try one without travelling miles! You can say as much as you want or just listen and know you’re not the only one feeling like you do. You can even give a few groups a try.

How to join a Zoom support group

To attend a group, simply choose one from the days and times listed below and contact juanita@miscarriageassociation.org.uk to ask for the Zoom link to take part.  Please get in touch with her before 4 p.m. on the day of the meeting you want to attend to be sure she can send you the details in time.

You will see that the groups are also listed by location – this is because these groups have previously met face-to-face. You do not need to live in the area mentioned to attend a particular group – people attend from across the UK – so feel free to choose the one that suits you best.





A Zoom support group member comments:

It was the first I attended and words can’t begin to describe how incredible I found it. It was good to finally be able to share my experience with another group of women who’d been through similar. I wanted to give each and every one of them a virtual hug! I have woken today feeling the best that I have since the situation began, and finally feel like a weight has been lifted.

Another attendee says:

Thank you for making it such a safe place to share. It really was so helpful for both me and my partner – he also felt so heard. Will definitely come again.

Our network of volunteers also offer support by telephone and some of them provide support for people with particular experiences or circumstances – e.g. ectopic pregnancy, fertility problems, or recurrent miscarriage. Contact us for details.