Engaging patients and the public

The Miscarriage Association encourages healthcare providers to make positive use of patient and public experiences, thoughts and feedback.

When handled well, in an atmosphere of good listening and mutual respect, an open exchange of views and information can help to improve patient care and/or to resolve unhappiness or complaints. This will benefit not only patients but also healthcare providers who want to provide the best care that they can.

Feedback can be via:

  • Written communications
  • Face to face meetings between patient and staff/manager
  • Meetings with the PALS team
  • Patient participation in groups such as Maternity Liaison Committees
  • Talks to staff/students
  • Consultation with patient groups on specific issues, such as care pathways, certification etc.
  • By signing up to, or visiting Patient Opinion – the online opportunity to read and respond to patient feedback.

The Miscarriage Association can provide some guidance for anyone wishing to get involved in improving local care. Contact us if you would like to know more.